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You can bring your loved one here to Serene Respite Care Home. We offer Long-Term, Respite, and Hospice care to families who need help caring for their loved ones. We offer 3 meals daily ,w/ snacks throughout, Medication Reminders, Laundry Services, Transportation to medical appointments,Daily Activities, Light Exercise, Religious activities (if interested), Private and shared rooms are available. I have been in business as a Home Healthcare assistant, Nursing Assistant, Psych Tech, and Provider care since 1992 and wanted to bring our experience into our own residential home setting. We will take care of your loved ones as we do our own parents which we are currently taking care of as well. We will work with you on a case by case basis to make sure that your loved one receives the best personal attention and care possible. Thank you and God Bless.



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Serene Respite Adult Foster Care Home provided EXCELLENT care for both of my elderly parents after both were discharged from a local hospital on hospice. Mr. & Mrs. Britton are exceptional ~ a compassionate, caring Christian couple. The Britton's, along with their staff, were respectful of my parents (ages 91 & 92) final wish, to remain together and not be separated because of the different level of care required. From the moment I walked into the home I felt the sense of serenity that exuded from the personnel and atmosphere inside the home. Beyond the superior physical care, the emotional support and knowledge of the process that was occurring as my mother's life neared the final days helped my understanding and acceptance of the inevitable. My mother's care required demands (wound care, feeding, etc) while my dad was treated with respect, understanding and compassion as he was losing the love of his life after 67 years of marriage. If there was ever a perfect scenario to a peaceful transition it occurred in this home.
From the moment I met Mrs. Britton I knew there was something very special & honest about her. From her pleasant smile to the gentle tone of her voice, I immediately knew she had a gift and grace about her that I could entrust the people I love in her hands. Even when I'd come visit the warmth and calmness I felt being in her presence kept me in a good state of mind at a time when every part of my life was going through change.
I'd observe Mr. & Mrs. Britton working together as a team when visiting. It was a good feeling to watch Mr. Britton communicate with my dad, who was hard of hearing. He'd always lean in and tell my dad the steps of what he was going to do to assist him and would patiently await my dad's acknowledgment that he understood. This act of kindness and consideration gave my dad that dignity to feel he was not a lesser man because he was unable to do things for himself or his wife.
I could go on and on about the positive experience but no words can match the level of overall excellence provided by the Britton's as they helped me carry-out my parents final wishes. My mother transitioned at their home and my dad passed away 42 days later. It was a Blessing to have the Britton's in our lives during our time of need. I highly recommend their services. Even the Hospice nurses and religious officials that visited my parents raved of the Britton's exceptional level of care.

Rosalind H

Several months ago my mother fell and broke her hip. She went to a nursing home for therapy. She stayed there for 5 weeks until Medicare wouldn't pay anymore and she had to get out. At this time I felt she wasn't well enough be by herself.I work shift work and didn't feel comfortable with her being at home alone for so many hours by herself. The nursing home gave me some places she could go . We chose Serene Respite Adult Foster Care Home and I was so glad we did. She had 24 hour care and I could go to work with out the worries of her being alone. Mrs. Darcy, the owner was so sweet and easy to work with. I felt my mother was in good hands. She had her own room. This gave her the privacy she needed. All her needs were taken care of. I was so grateful to have found Serene Respite. If in the future my mother needs personnel care this is were we will go. I am so grateful to have found Serene Respite.

Vanessa K

When it's time to procure home care for your elderly, frail parent, you want peace of mind knowing that they are being treated with compassion, their needs are being met, and they are being cared for with dignity and respect. Mrs. Darcie and Mr. Anthony have dedicated their lives to provide the best. Mrs. Darcie has a gentle, kind, sweet disposition and her nuturing, calm spirit is soothing and reassuring. Mr. Anthony is very attuned to patient needs and his patience and caring are truly that of a gentleman. I felt so at ease knowing my mother was recovering in such a special place. I whole heartedly recommend Serene Respite Home Care without reservation. They embraced my mother and provided 5-star care for her duration. I love this place.

Shelly V

It was a blessing to have our Love One as a resident with Serene Respite Adult Care Home. When our Love One was admitted at Serene Respite Adult Home Care her condition was very poor. She had been diagnosed Bipolar and Schizophrenia with her weight abnormal from malnutrition. After Serene Respite carefully evaluated Ms. Works (our love one) health condition, the staff immediately began to prepare a special diet and different foods to meet the criteria that Ms. Works needed to get her back on track of eating right and giving her the best possible care. With the special care and attention which Serene Respite gave Ms. Works , things began to change for the good . The special loving care and attention Ms. Works was getting her frame of mind and attitude began to change . She began to respond favorably and positive to the staffs' needs and request. Within time Ms. Works overall health began to improve along with her weight. We appreciate the hard work and special treatment Ms. Works received. She was a recipient of extra love and care during the time she was a resident at Serene Respite Adult Care. We will forever be grateful for the love and care she received . As time past, In the care of the home, Ms. Works' health began to decline and it became necessary for Hospice to care for her. Serene Respite was her home, her save place and her parloro, all of which she loved .

Eunice B


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